Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ESPN Bias Seen Again - MLB vs Tour de France Drugs

The Tour de France ended over the weekend and had plenty of doping and drug scandals to plague it's event this year...as with other recent races, including last year's Floyd Landis positive doping charge. So, as I flipped on the ESPN in the afternoon to watch some talking heads hype up Barry Bonds and how great his accomplishment will indeed be when he breaks Aaron's homerun record. They quickly change the topic to discuss the Tour de France and almost every single sports 'analyst' had the opinion that the Tour de France is the most corrupt, drug-enhanced sport on the planet and some even suggested that the bike race be suspended until it can get 'cleaned up'. What an interesting take on the Tour de France, yet they have such sympathy and patience for the MLB and it's drug related woes.

But of course, this ESPN which shows absolutely zero coverage of the Tour de France and will show you every at bat of Barry Bonds' attempt to break Aaron's record...so you know how their feelings will be affected.

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